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Let's Create Something Extraordinary!

At LakeShore Design, we specialize in one thing: you! 


We are all about you and taking your sense of style and turning it into everything you dreamed your home could be. Our goal is to give you a haven to come home to at the end of a busy day - a place that is uniquely you.

Lizzy, Ridgefield WA

"Design Goddesses! We have used their services for over 10 years now. They are highly professional, keeps us informed throughout each project, and are always an absolute pleasure to work with."

Betty, Vancouver WA

"I love Suzanne and her team so much that I tell everyone I know to call her! I don't care how great your home is - she will make it even better!"

Lisa, Porland OR

"LakeShore Design is so professional to work with. Their designers have an incredible sense of color and balance and made the entire process fun and exciting. I highly recommend them to all!"

*For confidentiality we do not list client last names or numbers on this website. References are gladly provided upon request!

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